For the 20+ years Advance Car Wreckers has been in the car wreckers Victoria market and we have discovered that one of the biggest reasons why people still choose to delay the sale of their old vehicles is the thinking that the whole process is a tedious and costly one. Consequently, these misconceptions hinder them from truly experiencing the real deal: hassle-free car removal services that'll cost them absolutely nothing. Thus, wiping away all those worries and misunderstandings is the first step to getting the perks of disposing and wrecking a car that's old, damaged, or totaled.

So if you're telling yourself now that you want to get a hold of that free car removal service, but just don't know how, that's not a problem! As leading car removalists and wreckers in Melbourne, we are here to provide you with easy, friendly, and effective advice so you can get a car removal service that's free of charge:

  • Don't just get your car towed or hauled.

Towing vehicles is merely just a part of the car wreckers' job. So, it is a total mistake if you think that towing is synonymous to removing and wrecking a car. If you want to spend 0 dollars on disposing your old or totaled car, hiring a tow company is simply a wrong move. Towing companies take your car and just haul the vehicle from one place to another. Then, they'll charge you a series of fees for that - hook-up fees, travel charge (depending on the distance they'll travel), and more (yes, more!). Whereas for legitimate car wreckers Melbourne, when they remove your cars for free, they won't just take them to a landfill. They'll properly dismantle, wreck, and recycle them for more meaningful purposes.

  • Research well.

There is one piece of advice that people oftentimes neglect - doing their homework. Yes, it can be boring or tedious. But believe us, you'll reap all the benefits when you make that effort to scout for and learn about the reputable car wreckers in your area. Besides searching for them on the internet, make some effort to read customer reviews, forums, and articles. Ask for recommendations. When a certain car wrecking company is truly popular and commendable for their services, most likely, your trusted car mechanics and dealers would know about it. So get advice from those car experts around you.

  • Enquire personally.

Doing this indeed requires some of your precious time and effort. However, it's simply one of the best advices we could give you if you want that assurance of getting car removal services for free. First, by going to them personally, the car wreckers will immediately see how serious you are about disposing your old ride. And second, when you go there to observe and ask questions, you'll be able to gauge if what they're claiming about their services are true. The first impression, their way of handling walk-in customers, their attitude towards demanding and irate clients - all will reflect how much you could really trust them. Last but certainly not the least, by going there, you'd be able to request for a signed and written quote that will guarantee you not only of the cash you're going to get for your car but more importantly getting their car removal services for free.

  • Don't be fooled!

Some car removal companies in Melbourne provide no-charge services, and some don't. And just like in any other industry, unfortunately, there are just companies that are always ready to devour on the customers' weaknesses. Instead of you saving some time and money, you'll be experiencing the total opposite when you let yourself be fooled by those companies. The only way to save yourself from that is by making the right choice: opt for Advance Car Wreckers. We provide all our clients guaranteed free car removal services and on-the-spot top cash for cars. Our continuous growth and years of service in the industry simply prove how reputable we are for being good for our word.

Our commitment to making all our clients happy is the ultimate reason why we never charge them for anything - may that be for the appraisal, removal, towing, travel, or document processing of their old vehicles. So don't let yourself fall into the trap of dealing with car wreckers that will just take advantage of you. Choose Advance Car Wreckers and speak with our team of experts now by dialing 0455 998 477.

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