How to Make Your Car Tools Last a Lifetime


Whether you're a typical car owner who gets his hands dirty not so often or a car enthusiast who just loves fiddling with his ride even if nothing's really wrong with it, getting your own car tools is a great investment decision. There's a chance that you might use them no matter how many cars you buy and get rid of. You may even hand it down to your son or grandson. However, that wouldn't really be the case and you may not get the most out of that investment if you won't be able to take care of them properly.

Technically, there are two things that you don't want to happen to your auto tools: see them broken AND see them rust. Now if you are determined to not let these happen, you must do everything it takes to take care of them properly.

Now don't sweat; Advance Car Wreckers is here to help you through it. We have been in the auto wreckers Melbourne industry for more than two decades now. And for the longest time that we have been using different kinds of tools and equipment for efficient car wrecking, removal, dismantling, and recycling, we could definitely teach you a thing or two on how you can use and enjoy your tools for a lifetime.

Store them the right way.

If you really want to protect them from their number one enemy (rust, that is), this is most important to keep in mind: proper storage.

  • Tools are commonly stored in hot places. Well, they're not really heated nor air-conditioned; but you get the point. Thus, if the place has humidity issues, it is essential that you keep them dry at all times. It will also help if you place a dehumidifier at bay.
  • Instead of the usual toolbox, consider providing them specific storage system. depending on the type of tools they are. For hand tools, it's best that you hang them as in a pegboard storage. If you must lay them down in a spacious tool box, you may line the bottom of the tool box with a cloth, mat, cut-out carpet, or anti-rust liners. Then, always keep your power tools in their original cases. Avoid stocking up all your tools in just one container.
  • Now in their respective cases, toolboxes, or storage systems, put silica gel packs or rust collectors. You may get them from supermarkets and auto shops.

Inspect them first before use.

Assuming that you really know how to use all your tools (considering you bought them, right?), you must also take a little time to inspect them once in awhile and every time before usage. By doing so, you will not only ensure their top condition, but you are also making sure of your safety while using them. These are the things you should look for:

  • Corrosion and rust from all the tools. While there are some tools that you can still use even if there's some rust, there are also those that are dangerous if corroded.
  • Cracked housing on cordless and regular power tools
  • Exposed wires
  • Splintered, loose, and cracked wooden or plastic handles
  • Mushroomed heads on sharp tools
  • Dirt build-up in pneumatic tools

Clean each one after every use.

Cleaning your tools might be the last thing you want to do after spending some time and effort fixing your car. But we really have to stress that this is one of the best things you can do to ensure your car tools' longevity. It actually doesn't have to be that difficult. You'll have to spare about 3-5 seconds of your time for each one and you're good to go.

  • Most hand tools can be cleaned by just giving them a good wipe. If they have gotten really dirty, don't be afraid to just wash it with some soap and water. But make sure not to forget: spritz a small amount WD-40 in the metal part of that tool and wipe it with a rag.
  • Make sure your power tools are unplugged before you clean them. Get the dirt and dust off by using an air compressor. Then give it a good wipe and again, lubricate the metal and moving parts.
  • It is aso important that you clean the toolboxes, storage compartments, hanging racks, and tool belts that you use. Empty them first before giving them a good clean.

Other important car tool care tips:

  • Never leave your tools on cold concrete floors after use or worse, overnight. That is an open invitation for rust build-up.
  • Use the tools only for the purpose they were intended for. Just don't, as it can hurt you.
  • Don't leave battery-powered or cordless tools left in the charger.
  • Have tools sharpened only by pros.
  • If it's already broken, don't attempt to use or fix it by yourself, no matter how expensive that tool is.

Tools are indeed a great for us if we really want to be proactive in fixing and taking care of cars. And being significant and functional devices as they are, they are also need of proper maintenance so that we'll be able to use and hold to them for the longest possible time.

Do you have car that seems hopeless to repair even with the state-of-the-art tools and mechanical expertise? Don't hold on to it much longer to prolong your agony. Let the leading and most trusted car wreckers in Melbourne put that car into better use. Hire Advance Car Wreckers. We are a reliable cash for cars company which have been a leader in maintaining clean and environmentally-friendly scrap yards Melbourne for more than two decades now.

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