Things You May Not Know About Automotive Recycling


The automotive recycling industry has been around for many decades now; technically close to how long we all have been using cars. The Automotive Recycler's Association was established during the 1940s. But even if professional Vic wreckers and recyclers have been here since then, sadly, most people don't know much about the car recyclingin the complete sense of it.

Probably the basic and most common thing people know about car removal, vehicle wrecking, and auto recycling is that they take the metal parts of old and used cars, and then sell it. Though it is true, there's still more to it than we actually think.

And so, in our commitment and advocacy, we, Advance Car Wreckers Melbourne, are here to help you learn more about some of the wonderful and interesting things about auto recycling. We hope, as you read on and finish this article, we'll be able to encourage you more to take part in this endeavor to recycle vehicles.

  1. Currently, at the minimum, 80% of your car can be recycled. The remaining 20% is called the Auto Shredder Residue which consists of dirt, fabric, and more.
  2. Every year, more or less 30 million cars are recycled all around the world. And it gets bigger every year. Also the reason why cars are considered the most recycled consumer item in the world.
  3. Because of car recycling, an estimated 85 million barrels of oil are saved instead of used for making new cars and car parts.
  4. More than 14 million tons of recycled steel is obtained from junk vehicles every year.
  5. Even if most parts of a car battery contains very toxic chemicals, 98 to 99% of it can be recycled.
  6. Technically, the cars we use today have bodies that are made from 25% recycled steel.
  7. Thanks to improved recycling efforts and advanced technology, most of Europe now recycles 95% of a car (by weight) since 2015.
  8. Though car tyre recycling is tedious and complicated, it is very much viable. The materials derived after recycling are used to make sandals, mats, artificial playground turf, and even roads.
  9. Big and legitimate automotive recycling companies spend approximately $50 million for environmental compliance.
  10. Existing used car owners and car enthusiasts aren't the only ones that benefit from recycled auto parts. Now, even interior designers, arts and crafts experts, DIYers, industrial designers, contractors, also come to wrecking yards and auto recycling facilities.

Some say that this is the automotive industry's best kept secret. But as expert car removalists, recyclers and wreckers in Melbourne for more than two decades, we believe that now is the time when it shouldn't really be considered as a secret anymore. For any kind of recycling to actually work and achieve its goals, everyone of us must participate. As we have been using cars and all other kinds of vehicles for many years now, all the more that every single one of us should already know how essential it is to participate in such cause.

If you want to know more about our mission and our services apart from just merely removing and wrecking a car, our friendly and accommodating staff will be happy to speak with you. So what are you waiting for? Call 0455-998-477 today and take part in car recycling now

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