Ways to Make Money from Scrap Cars


"There's cash in trash." "You can turn junk into gold." "One man's trash is another man's treasure." - You have probably heard these sayings before. Well, as it turns out, all these are indeed true. Now, if you are in possession of old and scrap cars that have simply no way of being sold or traded in, you are actually on your way to earning a little extra cash.

That aged vehicle that has just been rotting and rusting in your garage, unroadworthy, and in no capacity to provide you mobility, is in dire need of disposal. But as your trusted car wreckers Melbourne, we are here to tell you that you can do better by not just getting rid of it. You can send it to a better place and make money out of it! We would be very glad to share with you how you can exactly do that.

Some of the biggest considerations you need to think about are the age and current condition of your car, your availability, willingness to do some effort, and more importantly, your desire to earn money. So without further ado, here are your options if you really want to turn your scrap car into cash:

Sell it as a whole.

By selling your aged, rusted, and junk car as a whole, we don't mean putting up some ads then waiting for a private car buyer to get interested. We won't suggest that so you wouldn't waste your time, effort, and even emotions on it. You know for a fact that junk car removal can sometimes cost money and selling a wrecked car such as yours is difficult because used car dealerships won't even accept it. But even so, we're not telling you to lose hope. You can still sell that car as a whole (for less effort and less time wasted). You may sell it to:

  • Car enthusiasts, vintage car collectors, and the like - little do you know that there are some car lovers out there who buy whole damaged and wrecked cars so they could make use of it as a spare part car. Especially if they have the same car model and brand as yours, and they just love doing everything to upgrade it or keep it running condition, they will get your car and make use of all the good parts as much as they can - from the interiors, the engine, and the body. It is going to be a lot cheaper for them instead of buying the car parts individually.
  • DIYers: Industrial and Interior designers - these talented people love turning all kinds of junk into useful and decorative pieces, that includes parts and components of old and wrecked cars. They turn it into furniture, displays, ornaments, and more. And if they're done making projects out of the parts of your car, they could simply sell all the remaining parts to local junk shops.

Sell it part by part.

Consider this option if: you are up for doing some labor; if you have time to spare; and if you really want to get a bigger amount of cash. You will be the one to dismantle and strip your car of its good parts. However, if you have no mechanical experience whatsoever, it's best if you do it with the help of your trusty mechanic or car enthusiast friend. As you don't want to damage other saleable components or worse, to hurt yourself. Once you have gotten all the good parts, you may sell it to car enthusiasts, post about it online (SNS, forums, etc.), and as last resort, sell to a used parts dealer who refurbishes them and sells them for profit.

When you choose to do this one, there are more chances of ending up with several pieces of your car that you couldn't sell. Don't panic, as you can still sell all of those to metal scrappers and junk shops in your area.

Sell it to professional car wreckers.

This one is more popularly known as junking your car for cash. It could be your best bet yet, but it can also turn out to be a bad move if you'll end up choosing the wrong auto wrecking company. First and foremost, choose the one that will not ask you to pay for anything. You should know that getting a price estimate and a scrap car removal service should be free of charge. Second, do not go with the very first car wrecker you meet. Try your best to shop around and find the best deal. Remember, in every industry, there are businesses that are out to take advantage of you. So be wary of those. Make sure that the company will stand by their word. If they say all their services are free, they shouldn't surprise you with hidden charges once you meet them. If they say that they'll pay you let's say $500, you MUST get $500. If you are lucky enough to end up with that kind of car wrecking company, then it's a win-win situation for you. You got rid of that old car, you didn't exert much effort, and most importantly, you got a reasonable amount of cash.

It's so true that we can get overly attached to our cars. Sometimes, no matter how uneconomical, unroadworthy, and irredeemable they are, we still somehow find a reason to keep it around. But once you arrive at that point of realisation when enough is enough and you simply have to let go of it, Advance Car Wreckers is here for you. Properly wrecking a car is our specialty and we have been doing it for more than two decades. We know how hard it is to let go of a car that has been with you for many years. So as our gift to you, we will remove and tow your old ride away as well as pay you with top cash for your car in an instant. Call us now to know more about it!

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