What Kinds of Vehicles are Accepted by Cash for Cars Companies?


Well you are certain that you do want to make money out of that old and useless car in your garage. The problem is, because of its current sad and ugly condition, you have all kinds of doubts - and you're thinking whether cash for cars Melbourne service providers would still want to take your old ride.

Advance Car Wreckers has been providing cash for junk cars and car wrecking services for more than two decades now. We are here to help you clear all the doubts and worries you have about entrusting your vehicle to professional car wreckers. Just know one thing, because of the fact that not all used car buyers and auto wrecking companies are the same, what we'll be discussing here only pertains to established, legitimate, and trusted cash for car companies in general.

So without further ado, if your vehicle falls under one of these items, then without a doubt, a cash for cars service provider will accept your old ride:


Say your car is simply aged, it is most definitely welcome in any used car buying company. It doesn't matter if it's a 2005, 1998, or even an 1994 model car. These service providers would love to take in your old ride regardless of what decade it is from. They accept compact cars, SUVs, sedans, luxury cars, vintage cars, sports and limited edition cars, utes, wagons, and more.


Is your vehicle still running but you are just so fed up with having to fix its damages every now and then? Does it break down more times than it runs smoothly? Are thinking of waving the white flag because you simply don't want to spend money replacing its worn out and broken parts anymore? There's nothing to worry about. Car wreckers will happily end your misery. It doesn't matter how badly damaged your vehicle is, because it will surely be most welcome in their yard or facility.


If you think that cash for cars companies only accept private passenger vehicles, that's where you're wrong. They should also accept fleet and commercial vehicles of all kinds: vans, utility cabs, flatbed trucks, cargo vehicles, large heavy-duty trucks, front loaders, tow vehicles, tank trucks, tippers, buses, coasters, and more. If the business says they do not accept these kinds of commercial vehicles, that only means they do not have the yard, facility, equipment, and manpower to handle large vehicles.


Let's say you have met an accident (knock on wood), and your car is severely damaged from collision. If you think fixing it would cost more than what you can handle; if it isn't insured; or if it's simply in a complete wreck, a reputable cash for car company can help you out. You need not wait it out as they could simply get the wrecked vehicle right in the scene of the accident once the authorities give a go signal. This means you won't need to worry about hefty towing costs and salvage yard rentals.


Many of us probably have gotten to experience a hand-me-down car. And oftentimes, these are just too old that we fail to get a hold of their titles or original registration papers. Don't fret. If used car dealerships won't allow you to trade in your car that has no title, auto wreckers on the other hand will still gladly pay for it. There's no need to hand over an the original registration or title but you still have to present some proof of ownership - just so the company is assured that the car isn't stolen. As an added tip: you may request for a copy of the registration from the DMV.

Selling your car to a reputable cash for cars company shouldn't be as difficult. As a matter of fact, trustworthy car wreckers and used car buyers must very well provide you with the one thing that other car disposal methods won't be able to: CONVENIENCE.

So should you want to get top instant cash for your car with security and convenience, choose Advance Car Wreckers. We never discriminate - no matter what kind, make, or year model of car you have, it is most welcome here with us.

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