Let's assume that all people actually know what auto salvage yards, car removal companies, and car wreckers Melbourne are. By definition, they know what these companies do. But the truth of the matter is, more often, people don't really realise they can get help from wreckers Melbourne until a mate or just someone tells them to do so. Some even believe all the bad rap they hear about junk car buyers. Why? Because even up to this day, not everyone fully understand what kind of services do these thriving businesses provide.

Not all car and truck wreckers are the same. Many auto salvage yards and car removal companies in the country operate on many different levels. And of course, some are honest and legitimate, while there are still many who are shady and are out to take advantage of first-time or inexperienced customers.

As a leading vehicle removal and recycling company in Melbourne, we are here to help you fully understand what businesses like us (the trustworthy and legitimate ones) really do for our clients. As you read on, may we also help you steer clear of the scam and shady ones.


There's no way in hell that car wreckers can truly operate without providing vehicle valuation or appraisal services. Besides, it is the probably the only thing which most customers base their decision - whether or not to let this company have their old trucks or cars. So in essence, this service of providing clients with the current value of their automobiles should be free of charge.


This service, just as those provided by car haulers and towing companies, should also be provided by legitimate car wreckers for free. There are lots of instances wherein this service could come in real handy for car owners like you:

  1. To take old cars that have been sitting in the garage, driveway, or empty lot for quite some time;
  2. To haul away scrap and junk vehicles which you really cannot take out yourselves;
  3. To remove and take badly damaged or totally wrecked vehicles exactly from the scene of the accident.

They should be willing to take and remove your car in any case - regardless of the car's condition, age, make, or model. The only valid reason we could really think of where the company can refuse to help you remove your car is if your location is so from their service areas.


This should be considered as the heart and soul of the company. The wrecking of any kind of vehicle must be done in light of striving to conserve natural resources and getting rid of toxic junk car wastes in an environmentally friendly way. They should have invested in equipment and machinery that will enable them to properly dispose and recycle the metal and non-metal parts of the vehicle. If you are concerned as to how your rusted junk car ends up, the company should very well explain to you how they wreck old trucks and cars in an eco-friendly manner. In some cases, other auto salvage yards even ask them to do strip, shred, and crush automobiles for them.


By this service, the car wrecking company helps old car owners, car enthusiasts, and even the car manufacturers. So if you are a car lover who simply loves doing DIY repair and upgrade projects on your ride, you might want to visit an auto wrecking yard every now and then. With all the different kinds of vehicles they take and dismantle everyday, you are sure to find good and budget-friendly deals for good condition auto spares and even consumables.


This service is more popularly known now as Cash For Cars, Cash For 4WDs, or Cash for Trucks. But know that not all car wrecking businesses accept ALL kinds of vehicles. There are still some that only accept specific models, brands, and sometimes even the country of origin. And of course, not all will buy your car for the same amount. So it's really best to shop around and look for the one that will provide you the best deal.

One effective way to know whether a car wrecking company is really and truly one you could trust is to ask if they have been providing all these services for many years. Sure, finding the perfect auto wrecker is not that simple. But we are talking about the car that you have loved and adored for so many years; you wouldn't just entrust it easily to any wrecker around, right? So to make it easy for you, take our word for it. Choose Car Wreckers Melbourne. Want to learn about this company that has been in the auto recycling industry for more than 20 years? Simply dial 0455998477.

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