What You Should Do With Your Old Ford Vehicles


It was in the year 1925 when Aussies have started to see and use Ford vehicles. That was also the time when the Ford Motor Company Australia has started to do operations from its headquarters in Geelong, Victoria. However, just last 2013, after 88 successful years in the Australian automobile industry, they started to end productions because of low sales and shooting production costs.

Even so, Aussies of all ages continue to enjoy the perks of owning Ford cars; simply because they are reliable, powerful, fuel-efficient, and safe. Whether you're single, a family man, a car enthusiast, or a business owner, there is no Ford car that wouldn't help you with your mobility needs. Thus, models like the Ford Raptor, Mustang GT, Escort, Ranger, Expedition will surely never be forgotten.

Howbeit, no matter how much this US carmaker promises its cars' durability and reliability, and no matter how well you take care of your Ford vehicle, you cannot escape that time when it will simply age and deteriorate. Just imagine, Ford cars have been on Australian roads for 92 years already. If those weren't disposed of properly, we will be deeply buried underneath sad and rotting Ford cars (along with other car makes and models) now.

So if you currently have a Ford vehicle that is about to reach the last leg of its useful life, you should already be prepared on what to do with it. You should already know that you're about to say goodbye to that car you have once loved and adored. As leading car removalists and car wreckers in the country, we are here to help you know about your options in dealing with an aging Ford vehicle. Hopefully, as you reach the end of this article, you'll be able to know what is really best for that Ford car.

Sell it.

This option is best for Ford vehicles that are not that old and damaged. Usually, they are still in running condition. However, more repairs and maintenance tasks (and expenses) are needed in order to still take advantage of it as much as you could. So if you have bought your Ford car from the 90s, there is a chance that you'll be able to sell it to private buyers - especially to Ford lovers and other car enthusiasts out there. The benefit you'll get from this is that you'll be able to dictate how much you really want to get out of your old ride. On the downside, you'd have to prep your vehicle, you need to get a hold of its title and registration papers, you'll be taking chances and will probably wait for a long time before you actually find THE buyer who'll come into terms with your asking price.

Donate it.

Should you be feeling a little more generous and you just have to dispose your old Ford vehicle for some reason, donating it to some charity is one option you could choose. If it's in running condition, the charity will be able to use it well. You just have to tell them about its issues or defects so they could fix it accordingly. On the other hand, if your car is severely damaged and will take a fortune to repair, there are still charities who will be willing to accept it. What they'll do is, they will be the ones to sell it to auto salvage yards or old car removal companies. In that way, the money they'll get from selling it will be used for their work. Apart from doing good, another advantage of doing this is that you'll be getting some tax benefit out of donating. The disadvantages are: you need to find the charity that'll openly accept your donation; you'll be the one to take the car to them, and you really won't be sure where your old ride will end up in after handing it over.

Let expert Ford wreckers take care of it.

Getting junk and old car removal services is probably one of the best decisions you'll ever make when it comes to letting go of your once-economic, once-gorgeous, and once-powerful Ford vehicles. Why? Here's a simple and detailed list of the reasons:

  • You don't have to pay anything just to get it removed from your property.
  • They will take care of all the documentation.
  • Experienced car appraisers will tell you how much is the real value of your car now.
  • You're participating in protecting the environment by handing it to experts who know how to deal with all the toxic chemicals and materials carried by old and scrap cars.
  • Your Ford car's useful and good parts will be sold in an affordable price to those car owners who are in need of them.
  • You can sell it and have it removed at the exact date and time that you want.
  • You will get the payment on the spot - in the exactly the amount you have agreed on.

All these and actually a lot more are what you'll get when you opt to work with licensed, experienced, and reputable car wreckers Melbourne just like us. But don't just take our word for it. Just like they always say: 'Try it to believe it'. Advance Car Wreckers, a leading and reputable Ford wreckers Melbourne company, is here to make sure that you won't ever regret sending your beloved Ford ride to the best auto wreckers and recyclers in town.

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