Where Can I Find the Best Ford Wreckers and Toyota Wreckers in Melbourne?


As early as the year 1925, Ford Motor Company of Australia has already been doing operations from its headquarters in Geelong, Victoria. And then come 1963, Toyota started assembling cars in their facility in Melbourne with the help of Australian Motor Industries. Thus, for many decades now, Aussies of many generations have been enjoying the perks of having Ford and Toyota vehicles. Both brands are well-known to producers of cars that are safe, fuel-efficient, updated in the latest technology, and reliable. They simply take pride in providing buyers and owners with true value for their money.

Now if Ford and Toyota vehicles have been here in Australian soil for approximately eight decades, it's just common sense that Toyota and Ford wreckers in melbourne have also been in the industry for that long as well. Because if not, we'd be overwhelmed by seeing lots of old and rotten Toyota and Ford cars just lying around practically everywhere.

So if you have an old Ford Ranger, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Ford Mustang, or even a commercial vehicle from any of these two popular brands, and it's just about time to let it go, we, Advance Car Wreckers, would be eager to help you. If you are so determined to find legitimate Ford and Toyota wreckers Melbourne who will provide you top cash for your truck, van, SUV, or sedan, let us share with you some tips on how you can get a hold of them.

It's not as difficult as you think. Do your research - online and offline. Go personally to the car and truck wreckers in your area, and take note of these...

You can easily find THE best Toyota wreckers and Ford wreckers Melbourne in a company that:

  • has been in the auto wrecking and salvage industry for many years,

As we have mentioned earlier, because Ford and Toyota vehicles have been in Australia for many decades, Melbourne wreckers of such brands of cars should have also been in the industry for that long too. So double-check if the years of experience of that company is really true. The safest you can go with are car wrecking companies that have been in the business for 20 years and more.

  • has all the licenses and certifications in the industry,

There's no way that a company could legally buy old and junk cars and wreck them (especially in Victoria) if they don't have all the required licenses and certifications. It's but natural, right? They won't be able to legitimately buy and wreck Toyota, Ford, and other brands of cars for a long time if they aren't duly recognised by the local government. If the business you have come across with only accepts selected brands and models of vehicles, even if Toyota or Ford is included, you might want to skip them because that will only mean their knowledge, skills, and experience in the field aren't of the expert-level as well. Choose one that is certified to be really good in wrecking cars regardless of the condition, brand, and model.

  • has a long list of satisfied and loyal customers,

Ford and Toyota vehicles are among the most popular car brands in the country. Being that most Aussies own these cars, the company you'd go with should have a long list of Toyota and Ford owners as satisfied clients. You'll be able to find this out once you personally visit their yard or facility and observe.

  • and, has a massive inventory of quality Toyota and Ford auto parts.

Once you go to auto wrecking and recycling facility, you should not only spot if they are taking in Ford and Toyota vehicles. You should also take a look around their inventory of used auto parts for sale. See if the Toyota and Ford parts are indeed refurbished to the best possible condition. See if many clients are asking for and buying such auto spares. If their inventory checks out on all of these, then it's clear sign that they have the best Ford and Toyota wreckers around.

If you have indeed found that cash for trucks or cash for cars Melbourne company that possesses all these four qualities, then give yourself a pat on the back. You are in the right place - that's where the Best Toyota and Ford wreckers are.

Albeit, if you still haven't met a business that has all these, fret no more. There's no better way to find the best Ford wreckers and Toyota wreckers than to choose Advance Car Wreckers. Find out for yourself by speaking with our friendly and dependable staff - call 0455998477 now.

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