Why Do You Need to Get Rid of Scrap Cars?


With the (almost) unlimited access to information that the internet gives us, it's fair to say that there's relatively a large number of people who already know about car removal, auto recycling, and selling scrap cars for cash. But for the two long decades that Advance Car Wreckers has already been in the car wreckers Melbourne industry, why are there still old and junk vehicles lying around? Don't you just feel sad upon seeing a car idling around in some driveway or empty lot? Why do people still choose not to let go of those 'crappy cars'?

In our enduring commitment to remove and recycle junk vehicles, we have actually come up with a simple answer why there are still people who choose to keep those vehicles. They are simply in denial that what they have in their garage, driveway, backyard, or empty lot is already a scrap car. To make it clearer, here's what we mean:

  • That car handed down to you by your grandpa or dad; you rarely, or should we say, never use it because it's simply too old for you. You don't have a thing for vintage cars so you don't really make time to even check it. You think it isn't scrap but you just let it sit in your garage for sentimental reasons.
  • That car you have bought from your very first job. It's a symbol of your success. Often times your wife or mum tells you to get a new car because it's such an eyesore. At the back of your mind, "I want to but I simply can't let go of this one. We'll just have to get a new car without letting of this - my pride and joy."
  • That ute or truck you have been using for your family business for many years now. It's broken most of the time. But because a long-time trusted mechanic or a car enthusiast friend always seem to fix it and let it work again (for just a short while), you still think it's as useful as before.
  • That car has been badly damaged due to an accident. Well it was fixed alright. But you and all of the people in your household simply don't want to use it maybe because of bad luck or they just don't want to be reminded of that unfortunate incident. You don't think it's junk yet because you believe it's still working; but no one has ever used nor touched it for donkey's years already.
  • You are a die-hard car lover. All the cars you have bought or even handed down to you are still in your premises. You just love spending your time (and money) on doing repairs and upgrades with the hopes of someday selling it to someone who would appreciate vintage cars. But hey, newsflash: you have been doing this and have been waiting for many years now, but no one seems to want them.

Sounds familiar? We could go on and on in providing you more scenarios like these. And we hate to break it to you, but, the cars mentioned in these situations are all considered scrap cars.

And now there's a another important list we'd like to share with you - a list that'll tell you why it is so important that you stop denying and realise that you really have to let go of those scrap cars now.

By choosing to still keep those old, damaged, rusted, and totally wrecked cars:

  1. First and foremost, you contribute to harming the environment. Both by using AND by letting it sit in your driveway, you are adding pollution to Mother Earth. The older and the more wrecked the vehicle is, the more that it contains toxic chemicals. These gets into our atmosphere, the soil, and the whole ecosystem.
  2. You unconsciously take in more stress than you think, even to the people in your household. Don't you think that seeing an eyesore such as that rotting and rusting car isn't causing stress to you and your family? Well if you don't, then think again. Just the fact that you do your very best to fix it, to let it run even around town without breaking down, or to make it look good so that a vintage car collector might want to buy it; it simply doesn't cut it, right? Nothing works. So basically, it IS stressing you out.
  3. You spend more money in vain. Have you ever tried to compute the total costs of all the repairs, replacement parts, and maintenance services you have gotten through the years? We're guessing not; because you probably know that it's just A LOT. Do you honestly think it's all worth it? Does spending and investing in all those would bring your car's old glory back? Unfortunately, all that money you have spent, could've actually been enough for you to buy a new ride.
  4. Your garage or backyard can't be used anymore for other more meaningful things. If your scrap car is lying in the driveway or outside your house at the side of the street, you have at least one neighbor who always tells you to get rid of it, right? Because admit it, it's not a pleasing sight in your community. And even if you could care less, eventually, by making your community look like 'that' will affect your property's value as well. Moreover, if your junk is inside a garage or in your backyard, it's but obvious that other members of your family can't seem to use that space anymore. Your kids can't play there, a new car can't be put in there, and you have no chance of doing any kind of family bonding activity in that area because of that rusted and sad-looking car.
  5. And finally, you are missing a chance to earn bigger cash for your car. Simple. If you realise it early enough, you'll be able to sell it privately, right? But since you obviously didn't, the less chances of you having it sold at a good price. Well yes, there are still cash for cars Melbourne companies like us who would gladly buy your car regardless of its condition. However, you'll blow your chances of getting more if you choose to let it age and rot for a longer period of time.

We truly hope that after reading this article, you have finally realised how important it is to let go of that scrap vehicle already. It's already time. By doing so, you are not only helping yourself but also all the people around you.

Unlike other car removalists out there, wrecking a car isn't the only thing that matters to us. Above all we would want to help car owners like you to take part in caring for the environment by proactively participating in auto recycling. So what are you waiting for? Don't waste time and let our team of friendly expert car wreckers take that lifeless vehicle out of your hands today. We are a leading and trusted car removal Melbourne company that will give you the most reasonable amount of cash for your old ride.

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